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Perceric hydroxide

Perceric hydroxide, CeO3.xH2O or Ce(OH)3.O.OH. - When a cerous salt is treated with a mixture of ammonia and hydrogen peroxide, a reddish-brown, gelatinous precipitate of perceric hydroxide is obtained, which has the composition of a hydrated trioxide, CeO3.xH2O. According to Pissarjewsky, the precipitate is produced as follows: -

Ce(OH)4 + HO.OH = Ce(OH)3.O.OH + H2O.

It is an unstable compound, losing oxygen fairly quickly even at the ordinary temperature. It is rapidly converted into ceric hydroxide when heated with boiling water or when dried at 120°. It dissolves in dilute mineral acids, producing a cerous salt, hydrogen peroxide, and oxygen, e.g.: -

2Ce(OH)3.O.OH + 3H2SO4 = Ce2(SO4)3 + H2O2 + O2 + 6H2O.

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