Chemical elements
    Physical Properties
    Chemical Properties
      Cerous hydride
      Cerous fluoride
      Cerous chloride
      Cerous oxychloride
      Cerous bromide
      Cerous iodide
      Cerous perchlorate
      Cerous bromate
      Cerous iodate
      Cerous oxide
      Cerous sesquioxide
      Cerous hydroxide
      Cerous sulphide
      Cerous persulphide
      Cerous oxysulphide
      Cerous sulphite
      Cerous sulphate
      Cerous dithionate
      Cerous selenite
      Cerous selenate
      Cerous chromate
      Cerous molybdate
      Cerous tungstate
      Cerous nitride
      Cerous nitrite
      Cerous nitrate
      Cerous hypophosphite
      Cerous orthophosphate
      Cerous vanadate
      Cerous carbide
      Cerous silicide
      Cerous carbonate
      Cerous thiocyanate
      Cerous platinocyanide
      Cerous oxalate
      Cerous silicate
      Ceric fluoride
      Ceric chloride
      Ceric iodate
      Ceroceric oxide
      Ceroceric hydroxide
      Ceric oxide
      Cerium dioxide
      Ceric hydroxide
      Perceric hydroxide
      Ceric hydrosulphate
      Ceric sulphate
      Ceric selenite
      Ceric chromate
      Ceric molybdate
      Ceric nitrate
      Ceric ammonium nitrate
      Ceric orthophosphate
      Ceric dihydrogen arsenate
      Ceric carbonate
      Perceric carbonate
      Ceric acetate
      Ceric oxalate
      Ceric acetylacetonate
      Ceric borate
    PDB 1ak8-1n65

Cerous orthophosphate, CePO4

The dihydrate, CePO4.2H2O, is obtained by double decomposition between a cerous salt and phosphoric acid or an alkali phosphate. When dried it forms a white, amorphous powder, from which orthorhombic crystals of density 5.09, closely resembling the mineral monazite, may be obtained by heating to redness with excess of fused cerous chloride. The phosphate dissolves in the molten chloride and crystallises out on cooling.

The double phosphates, K3PO4.2CePO4, and Na3PO4.2CePO4, have been obtained by Ouvrard.

Cerous pyrophosphate, Ce4(P2O7)3.12H2O, cerous hydrogen pyrophosphate, CeHP2O7, and cerous sodium pyrophosphate, CeNaP2O7, have been described, and likewise cerous metaphosphate, Ce(PO3)3. Cerous pyrophosphate is readily soluble in dilute mineral acids.

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