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Cerous nitrate, Ce(NO3)3

Cerous nitrate, Ce(NO3)3.6H2O, forms very deliquescent, triclinic crystals. A solution of the salt may be prepared from cerous sulphate and barium nitrate, by heating eerie hydroxide or oxide with nitric acid and a reducing agent, e.g. hydrogen peroxide, or by heating cerous oxalate with concentrated nitric acid. The crystals lose 3H2O at 100°, and begin to decompose at 200°.

Cerous ammonium nitrate, Ce(NO3)3,2(NH4)NO3

Cerous ammonium nitrate, Ce(NO3)3.2(NH4)NO3.4H2O, has been prepared by numerous chemists. Its solubility, in grams of Ce(NO3)3.2(NH4)NO3 per 100 of water, is as follows (Wolff): -

Temp. °C8.8°25°45°60°65.1°
Grams of Ce(NO3)3.2(NH4)NO3235.5296.8410.2681.2817.4

The salt 2Ce(NO3)3.3(NH4)NO3.12H2O separates from aqueous solution of 0°.

Cerous caesium nitrate, Ce(NO3)3,2CsNO3

Cerous caesium nitrate, Ce(NO3)3.2CsNO3.2H2O, crystallises in the monoclinic system (a:b:c = 1.2052:1:0.9816; β = 103°41').

Cerous potassium nitrate, Ce(NO3)3,2KNO3

Cerous potassium nitrate, Ce(NO3)3.2KNO3.2H2O, crystallises in the orthorhombic system (hemimorphic; a:b:c = 0.5227:1:0.5704).

Cerous sodium nitrate, Ce(NO3)3,2NaNO3

Cerous sodium nitrate, Ce(NO3)3.2NaNO3.H2O, forms hygroscopic crystals of density 2.65 at 0°.

The double salts of cerous nitrate and the nitrates of bivalent metals, 2Ce(NO3)3.3MII(NO3)2.24H2O, have been already described.

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