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Cerous chloride, CeCl3

Bourion's sulphur chloride method, starting with ceric oxide, is very convenient. The Cerous chloride, CeCl3, is a white, crystalline, hygroscopic solid, readily soluble in water.

Anhydrous cerous chloride readily absorbs ammonia. The following compounds have been prepared, and their dissociation pressures measured: CeCl3.2ONH3, CeCl3.8NH3, CeCl3.2NH3, CeCl3.12NH3, CeCl3.4NH3.

An aqueous solution of cerous chloride may be prepared by heating ceric hydroxide with concentrated hydrochloric acid, chlorine being evolved. On saturating the cold solution with hydrogen chloride, orthorhombic crystals (a:b:c = 0.8083:1:1.4419) of the heptahydrate, CeCl3.7H2O, separate. A triclinic salt (a:b:c = 1.1580:1:08635; α = 91°3', β = 114°9', γ = 88°12') has also been described, isomorphous with lanthanum chloride heptahydrate, but it is said to be the. hexahydrate, CeCl3.6H2O.

The following double salts are known, in addition to those containing metals of Groups IV. and V. and organic bases: - CeCl3.4HgCl2.10H2O; CeCl3.3Hg(CN)2.8H2O; CeCl3.AuCl3.13H2O; CeCl3.2PtCl2.10H2O; CeCl3.2PtCl4.12H2O.

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